Thursday, December 22, 2016

Drummer canvasses for national drumming festival to boost tourism

Mr Ayankojo Ayanwola, the Governor, Association of Professional Drummers of Nigeria, has urged the Federal Government to set aside a week for drumming festival to boost tourism.

Ayanwola told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)  in Lagos that such a festival would attract international and local tourists and boost the nation’s revenue base.

He said that the country had a good number of indigenous drums which were under-utilised, noting that the festival would go a long way in advertising Nigerian drums.

According to Ayanwola, different indigenous drums will be on display at such a festival, while people will be taught how to make such drums and when to use them.

The drummer said that the drumming festival could facilitate cultural exchange programmes with countries.
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“ During this festival, we can have drumming competitions among drummers from different ethnic groups.

“ Each time I travel out of the country, I observe the rate at which foreigners love our drums and love to dance to the beatings.

“They can drop their last kobo to watch us beat our indigenous drums; so, if a drumming festival is in place here in the country, they will come over to participate.

“Through that, we are developing tourism and at the same time, promoting our culture and increasing our revenue base,” he said.