Thursday, July 30, 2015

MH370: Badly damaged suitcase washed up on a Reunion beach

A suitcase was found Thursday morning on a tropical beach on the popular volcanic tourist island Reunion.
Reunion is part of the Vanilla Island group in the Southern Indian Ocean and a part of France.
This may not just be any suitcase. It appears to be a very damages piece of luggage washed away from a Boeing 777 and belonging to a passenger on flight MH370, the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.
The suitcase was found on the same beach in the small Reunion town of St.Andrew. It was on the same beach debris of an airline wing was secured a day before on Wednesday.
Boeing investigators on the island confirmed the part found on the beach on Wednesday was a flap from a Boeing 777 wing floating in the water for at least a year.
Australian, Malaysian and French authorities are now more convinced than ever, the material found on the beach may be a major step forward to clear up the mystery around MH370. This was echoed by Australia's deputy prime minister earlier, calling it a major lead.
The suitcase was locked and in very bad condition according to French authorities on Reunion.
Hardly anyone now believes earlier statements debris were from a different plane. All focus is on MH370.
Is the greatest mystery in aviation history about to be solved?