Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nigerians must develop local tourism to boost outbound tourism - Expert

The State Director, National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), Mr Louis Eriomala, has called on Nigerians to develop their local tourism to boost outbound tourism in the country.
Eriomala said on Tuesday in Lagos that Nigerians should cultivate the habit of visiting tourism sites and leisure centres to woo foreign tourists.
He said that if Nigerians would be more tourism conscious like the Gambians and the Kenyans, then the possibility of developing the sites to attract foreign tourists would be higher.
“Nigerians need to embrace tourism by developing the existing and newly identified sites, realise its values and groom it before thinking of attracting foreign tourists.
'' We should not expect to have bountiful outbound statistics when we have refused to patronise our own thing.
''We should not only focus on bringing in the foreign tourists for now, but encourage ourselves to visit sites and develop them to international standards.
''This will, on the long run, woo foreign tourists into the country.
''As close as the museum is to the people, they do not go there, and the museum is also meant to enlighten us about the Nigerian history,'' he said.
Eriomala reiterated that as a nation, we must realise and develop the values of our historical sites and all other tourism potentials.