Sunday, April 3, 2016

Muslim family accuses United Airlines of "racial profiling"

CHICAGO, IL - A Muslim family of five were reportedly asked to deboard Washington, DC-bound United Airlines plane at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, citing "safety" issues.

Muslim family accuses United Airlines of "racial profiling"

Eaman-Amy Saad Shebley in her Facebook post complained about United Airlines racially profiling and humiliating her family by asking them by asking them to leave the flight. Shebley also posted two videos of the incident.
"Shame on you ?#?unitedAirlines? for profiling my family and me for no reason other than how we look and kicking us off the plane for "safety flight issues" on our flight to DC for the kids spring break. My three kids are too young to have experienced this," the post said.

The videos show the airlines pilot asking the family to leave a plane before it took off.

On asking whether the decision was "discriminatory", the pilot replied that it was a "flight safety issue". However, the staff did not provide any further detail.

The family inquired earlier whether the stewardess could provide five-point harness safety seats for their children.

The airline said that it apologized multiple times to Shebley's family and even rebooked them on another flight.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, United Airlines said the family was rebooked "on a later flight because of concerns about their child's safety seat, which did not comply with federal safety regulations" and said the airline has "zero tolerance for discrimination".