Monday, September 22, 2014

Abraka turf club, the diamond in Delta


What comes to the mind of many when the name, Abraka is mentioned is the University town in Delta, but there is a diamond that lies in the town that many have not explored.
That diamond is the Abraka Turf and Country Club, a private country club that has been created to function at the highest levels of luxury and guest satisfaction.
Abraka Turf and Country Club has taken on a leading role in the nation’s leisure and catering industry, and prides itself on its ability to deliver exquisite services.
From anywhere in the university town, the residents can easily direct one to the turf. For a first timer at the resort, the entrance does not reflect what lies ahead, but the beauty opens up as one maneuvers through the entrance to the large expansive green of well-manicured lawn that stretches as far as one’s eyes could take in. Dotted on the lawn are buildings for accommodation and other activities.
Okorie Uguru on visiting the turf said “The first thing that hits one on entering Abraka Turf and Country Club is the overwhelming hue of green.”
He added that a vast stretch of expansive well-manicured land bursts into one’s vision as one heads for the reception area of the resort. “Green, the colour of nature, has the effect of giving the feeling of calmness and tranquility. That is what Abraka Turf and Country Club offers.”
The resort is eco-friendly as one can breathe in clean and unpolluted air as the green environment makes one close to nature. Tourists can enjoy hot sun, cool blue pool; clear emerald green river, natural greens and a Savannah adventure of a lifetime on a quintessential multi-sport odyssey in Delta’s paradise.
On the lawn are horses that lazily graze on the grass. Looking a little further is a dense mangrove forest that reminds one that one was in the Niger Delta.
The resort includes perfect villas, chalets, and caters to high-end clientele that includes families, vacation seekers, campers, as well as corporate groups.
Abraka Turf and Country Club is fully equipped with state of the art facilities and the outdoor activities include golf, tennis, canoeing, kayaking, polo, horseback riding, fishing and deep river diving.
Fishing and deep river can be done at the River Ethiope that cascade through the resort. What strikes one first about River Ethiope is the unnatural purity of the water. At most of the points where the river flows across one could from the river bank see the bottom of the water.
In fact this has even given some people a false sense of shallowness of the river to their peril. Fishes could big seen swimming enthusiastically in the water but quickly swim out of reach on noticing human presence.
River Ethiope is one of the most popular rivers in Delta State. This has to do with the fact that as the water traversed through villages, towns and cities in Delta before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.
However the Ethiope River apart being a source of pure drinking water to the villages that the river flows through, is also known to have its source from Umuaja flowing though Umutu, Abraka and finally emptying into the Atlantic ocean.
Although the club is open to the public, facilities at the club could also be enjoyed by being a member of the Abraka Turf Club. The club members and their family members enjoy memorable and serene holidays in the luxury villas and chalets.
As a corporate member, all club facilities are at one’s disposal. Other facilities at the turf club include a-state-of-the-art conference centre that can comfortably seat 75 people.
There are facilities for personal computers, laptops and take-away memory sticks. The turf has equestrian facilities for polo and horse riding and has the best stables in the country with various breeds of horses, ranging from local to argentines.