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If you have not cruised, you have not lived —Nwakohu

Mrs. Tinuke Nwakohu, Managing Director of Aviator Travels and Tours, holds a Masters Degree in Law from Kings College, University of London. She has over eighteen years banking experience where she was exposed to various departments within the bank which included treasury, administration and legal department.
The Legal Department exposed her to the practice of aviation law from where she developed her passion for the travel industry. A considerable part of her banking career was also dedicated to providing private banking products to high network individuals and upwardly mobile individuals.
She is therefore accustomed to high service standard which she has brought to Aviator.
In this interview with JIMOH BABATUNDE, this lawyer turned travel consultant shared her travel experiences.
Here is an excerpt

FIRST holiday memory:
I have been travelling since I was a child, so I have made many trips outside the country, but the one that stands out is my trip to Dubai in the 80s. Dubai It was just a fallow land . It was all sand , nothing much. I liked it, though the heat was unbearable, but I loved it.
Subsequent travel to Dubai has been interesting , the change and the newness of the city . So, each time I go to Dubai, there is this excitement I feel. Dubai is the only place I can say where I go that I really love and it is a city I can go to every other week.

Reasons for the love of Dubai.

It is the newness, the comfort, the fact that you have fantastic hotels, the fact that you do not have to rely on anybody to move around and it is a safe country. There is nothing you need there that you will not get. It is a city you can get good and cheap hotels. If you want entertainment or shopping. You have them in Dubai .
Dubai is now a city that boasts unmatched hotels, remarkable architecture and world-class entertainment and sporting events. The beautiful Burj Al Arab hotel presiding over the coastline of Jumeira beach is the world’s only hotel with a seven star rating.
The Emirates Towers are one of the many structures that remind us of the commercial confidence in a city that expands at a remarkable rate. Standing 350 meters high, the office tower is the tallest building in the Middle East and Europe.
In Dubai you do not need to know anybody to pick your bag to be there and you will still feel at home. These are some of the reasons I love Dubai, because of the freedom.
Other destinations loved:
I love Cape town. It reminds me of the suburbs of United Kingdom, it is like a country side. It has everything but in a different way , I find it more homely. I love the views and scenery. The hotels are fantastic.
There are lots of things you can do and when you are going on the garden route , it is just beautiful and the fact that you are in Africa is another thing that thrills me, that this is actually Africa and not Europe .
Just like Dubai, whatever you can get in Europe, you can get in Cape Town. The city is so cosmopolitan, you can go there and feel free, but not like in Dubai.
It is also a city that is bubbling and so many exciting things to do. The weather is good ,it is not extremely cold or extremely hot.
On choice of hotels:
What determines my choices of hotels is a spa and tea making facilities. The beds must be comfortable that when you lie on it, the sleep will just come no matter what your worries are.
So those are the things I look for, I wake up in the morning, go to the spa, I used to be a gym person, but no longer, because I value being pampered.
On her best hotel:
This is another tough one. I have stayed in many good hotels. I love the Radisson in Cape Town. I stayed in Maslow in Jo’burg . I love that as well. In Dubai there are so many good hotels . The one that stood out is the Sheraton at Dubai airport, beautiful with spa facility.
Though I am not a food person, but I look out for what they have on offer . I am more of a tea person. I love the Hilton in Dubai too, the break fast is great. In any city I visit, I do not stay in any hotel twice, I move to discover more hotels.
On what she packs while travelling:
First and foremost my laptop, my Ipad , I can not do without that. Also depending on the hotel I am staying, my toiletries come next . Then I check out the weather in my destination to determine if to pack warm clothings or not. Those are the important things apart from my shopping money.
Business or leisure travelling:
For me, it is now difficult to say I am travelling for leisure, there is always element of business in my travels. What I do sometimes is to go for two days to a country like Croatia or Greece. Why do I do that?.
I do it to see what the place looks like, so that if I am selling to my clients I know what to tell them. I am looking at going to Portugal and Bucharest in Hungary next, I have never been there before. It is to see the places for business, but there is leisure tied to it as I go round the city to see what it looks like too. So, for me it is always a mixture of business and leisure.
On her cruise experience :

I have always enjoyed cruising, I have been on different cruise lines, but Harmony of the Sea stands out. This is a cruise line that has everything on board for entertainment, for leisure, culinary. Harmony of the Seas, sets the stage for an entertainment line up like you have never seen. From a Broadway hit musical to beyond state of the art technology over the ice rink, to high-flying daredevils in the AquaTheater.
It is the largest cruise ship in the world now, measuring more than four football pitches in length with a maximum capacity for 6,780 passengers.
This cruise line has enhancement over the Allure of the sea, the extra thing it has is in the area of entertainment, the rooms are spacious, the food also amazing as there were varieties. Even I whom am not a food person ate on board. Whoever has never cruised has never lived. You need to cruise to understand the beauty of it.

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